A family should be a circle of strength founded on faith, joined by love, and kept by God. Since the family is where you get your strength, it has to have strong faith, it serves as a strong foundation of a family. Everything starts in the home, from learning the basics to dealing with sensitive issues such as faith.


What is the importance of faith at home?

At home, when practicing faith, children, the youth, and adults are allowed and able to connect with God. With this, they are able to practice putting faith at the center of their lives. The household is where faith is formed, nurtured, and passed on, along with the church and other communities. Practicing faith at home can have a strong and lasting impact and this practice can be passed on from generation to generation.

Practicing and building faith has made home practices that are duplicable, adaptable and meaningful. It will always be never too late to bring faith to your household.

Here are some practices that are used by households (singles, friends, couples, children, teens and parents).


Practices that can be done anytime:

  1. Praying in your car before you drive, while driving or when nit driving. When children see this, it will also become their practice because children always do what they observe.
  2. Reading the Bible and reflecting on the scriptures
  3. Praying together as a family before eating a meal
  4. Make a sacred space in your home.
  5. Praying with your family before sleeping at night
  6. Praying for those celebrating their birthdays


Thee are also practices that are seasonal:

  1. Observing Advent prayers for a Christian household
  2. Celebrating Christmas Eve for a Christian household
  3. Celebrating feast days and honoring Saints
  4. Celebrating Easter Sunday and making Easter resurrection butterflies
  5. Observing the Holy Week


The practices mentioned above are only among the many practices that are used by households. Most families also go to church together. Going to church is an obligation and this will become a routine for the family every week as they practice it and make it part of their family activities. This can also help strengthen the bond and relationship that one family has.

When it comes to religious practices you should be intentional. When going to church you can point out different objects that can be seen inside and tell your children what their purpose is. Since children are always observing what parents do, they need to see their parents do what they teach because it is what they will follow. Growing in faith as a family builds a more strong relationship with God and with each other. Families who built strong faith are usually happy and blessed families sharing also their lives to others.

Every family should prioritize faith building in their households because this is where parents can mold their children to grow up as responsible, faithful, and humble individuals who have a strong relationship with God and their family. This then will reflect through how they treat their family and other people in the community with respect.

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