The story of creation had been the subject of debates and common discussions in the past. Yet, many are still amazed and in bewildered awe on the beginning of mankind. With the swift passing of time, much has transpired in the lives of people that have produced a new breed of individuals continually adjusting to changes and facing different challenges. Today’s generation copes with issues and problems perhaps unfamiliar or just ignored in the past. Despite this disparity, there are still the same issues that confront people, although some concerns may just be an expected outcome of growth and development.

A vital concern of today is parenthood. With the onset of new technology and discoveries in various fields, corresponding changes are faced by the people. Mindsets and lifestyles take a different turn. Parents have become more challenged in playing their roles to be more alert and active if they were to bring up good, disciplined children. Yet, despite the rigors of child-rearing and the complexity of raising them to become productive members of society, the joys and challenges of parenting are rewarding enough for parents to assume their roles with determination, sincerity and love.

While many articles have been written, to emphasize the role of mothers in the upbringing of children, it is equally fitting and fair to give recognition to fathers, not simply because of biological reasons, but more so because they are the partners in the rearing and molding of children to become responsible, contributing citizens.

Fathers assume the role as head of the family. As such, the children usually look up to their dads with a more or less different view as they do their moms. They may see him as their protector, their “knight in shining armor”, their superman. They may not see him as often as they do with mom especially when they are still very young and the mother just stays home to care for them. But, they eagerly look forward to their father’s coming home from work, perhaps anticipating something from dad, like candies or just simple things. This enthusiasm may be because they miss their father whose work takes him away from them. Children may look at him with pride, not fearing anything when he is around. A son may also see himself as heir-apparent of dad every time he is out or away, and may exercise this masculinity feeling whenever there are little problems that he tries to handle. He may view dad too as the person he can look up to for his baseball or basketball drills as trainor and coach. On weekends, holidays or any free days, the children love to go on trips, picnics or enjoy biking, hiking, shopping, have burger bites or ice cream stops, and a host of other activities with dad and mom as one happy family. Church and worship time is an opportunity for dad to lead his flock and teach them to be gentle persons. These activities and many others help the children grow up well. Of course, they also have their share of discipline from dad, not by hard lashes and harsh words but by ways firm yet gentle enough to drive his point and reach for an understanding. As the children grow older, when they enter the stage of crushes and courtship, sons particularly, may perceive dad with ease as counselor and confidante.

As we see fatherhood in different capacities, besides the role of family head, it is clear that a father impacts much on his children. His leadership style is a strong factor to reckon with as it may affect adversely or do well with his children’s development. It is also important that fathers, parents for that matter, should accept their children as they are individually, for they can be much different from each other. They should be given all the help, support and love considering each child’s unique characteristics. Guidance and understanding should also be an abundance, for children have to learn how to cope and relate. Fathers, and mothers, need to work hand in hand to be able to perform their respective roles as parents. The joys and rewards of being father and mother are tremendous, and more so when done with a deep sense of responsibility and unconditional love.

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